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Pipeline construction

We plan, estimate and construct your gas supply system according to your specific needs.

In the process, our continuous focus is on:

  • Customer needs
  • Safety
  • Conformity
  • Easy maintenance

We can respond quickly and professionally to your wishes thanks to our own certified welders.

Contact us; we’d be happy to advise you.

Reference projects for planning, estimation and construction:

  • Repair of an oxygen pipeline under difficult conditions
  • Pipework of the high pressure hydrogen pipelines at H2 filling stations for mobility
  • Pipework of biogas treatment plants
  • Pipework of new constructions of pharmaceutical laboratory
  • Pipework of technical installations for:
    • the food sector (e.g. CO2 supply)
    • Technical operations (e.g. Laser systems)

Contact us

Contact details

ARGOVIA Industrial Services AG
Germanenstrasse 10
CH - 4313 Möhlin

061 512 69 80
061 512 69 84
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